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Legal Solution Is Not The Best Way To Solve The Abortion Controversy

Legal Solution Is Not The Best Way To Solve The Abortion Controversy

The legal system will be the first to acknowledge that the power of the law and the majesty of the law will come to naught give society loses interest in complying with the law. Each and every law that there is a put in place there is bound by an unspoken and unstated presumption-society is interested in complying with the law.

The Constitution will not be worth the paper on which it is written if people decide that they are not interested in fundamental rights any longer. This is the biggest complication that lawmakers and law enforcers are facing as far as the legal aspect of abortion is concerned. Society is not in consensus mode over abortion.

It does not have a clear opinion on whether abortion should be regulated by law or not. Further, it is next to impossible to enforce the law in its true spirit. Ideally, the person who commits the abortion should be punished. However, medical experts are being punished for committing abortion.

The truth is that the mother or the parents who decide that they want to abort a child should be held responsible. However, punishing a mother who does not want the child simply does not make sense. The best that the government can do is to hope to change your opinion by education and social awareness.

However, one cannot threaten the mother with imprisonment or injury and convince her to give birth to the child. Giving birth to a child is not the end of this story. It is the beginning. In such a scenario, the child may very well criticize the insistence on pro life.

Rather than a life where one’s parents do not give any love or care, does it not make sense to abort the fetus at the very beginning. This argument is not perfect but the law recognizes that it is popular amongst many individuals. That is the reason why this issue is so complicated.

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