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Teenage Pregnancy’s Effect On Society

Teenage Pregnancy’s Effect On Society

We all hear about teen pregnancy all the time in school, on the news and on television. We all hear about the effects in has on the young mothers, but what others aren’t really hearing are the effects teenage pregnancy has on society.

According to many reports, teen pregnancy has a lot of other social issues that affect our society. To begin with, there’s poverty, education and health. This is mainly because teens are still kids themselves and they’re just not able or even ready to take on the responsibility of raising a child.

The costs alone are having a huge impact on society. Did you know that teen mothers will cost taxpayers about $9 billion each year? This number includes costs for healthcare and welfare.

Since teen mothers are unable to juggle school, work and raising a baby, they often times perform badly in school. According to reports, roughly 67 percent of families that started out in their teens end up living in poverty. 52 percent of mothers that are on welfare today had their first child when they were a teen. These numbers are this way because many mothers who become pregnancy during high school drop out because they need to try and find a better paying job.

Since teens don’t know a lot of prenatal care, a lot of times babies are born early and weighing less than they should. These babies often times suffer from neglect and abuse since their mothers don’t fully know how to raise and care for a child.

According to reports, 13 percent of teenage mothers are more than likely to end up in prison, increasing the costs for prison.

It’s important to not just understand the effects teen pregnancy has on a mother, but the effect it has on society. The mothers aren’t the only ones affected by it, because their child is too.

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